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Total Movement will implement procedures

to help reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Below is what to expect and information to help during this time,

Thank You!

- 30 minutes will be taken between each client to pay, schedule, provide home care, dispose of linens and disinfect all surfaces and objects in clinic.

- There will be cleaning records of all cleaning between clients.

- Clients are recommended to stay outside or in   their vehicles until close to their treatment time.

- The therapist will wear a mask and face guard or other such protective equipment.

- Masks are to be worn at all times, unless unable to do so.

- Clients are to have minimal contact with surfaces with items in clinic and should perform proper hand washing.

- Masks will be provided, if available, or be worn in by the client beforehand.

- Clients will be Screened online/on phone and in-person for   Covid-19 symptoms before each treatment.

- Clients should complete forms online before treatments.

- Non contact payment is highly recommended.

- If feeling unwell or experiencing symptoms, cancel   your appointment free of charge.

- There will be information posters in the clinic.

- There are Covid-19 testing centers in London available to suspected or non-symptomatic people.


- There may still be a risk of infection even with the   new procedures in place, when in doubt STAY HOME.

- For any questions, message or call us any time!

- For updates and official information,

  go to The Corona Virus Canada Page.

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