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Paperless Clinic

The clinic will be primarily paperless and will use electronic devices, such as tablets, to complete forms.

New patients can receive health history, consent and policy forms through email.

Some clinic operations will still use paper such as receipts.

If you require assistance, we can set up records in clinic before the initial appointment.

Swedish Massage

Unique Treatment Approaches

By gathering experience from many different styles and approaches to Massage Therapy, we hope to have a treatment plan that can specifically help your focus of Massage.

Stones Massage

Hot Stone Massage 

Coming Soon.

Always Learning

Our passion for massage therapy is never ending so we attend many events and courses to expand our knowledge every year. 

Sports massage on leg

Deep Tissue Massage

We can deliver treatments with firmer and deeper techniques than traditional relaxation massages. Always ask during a treatment if you need more or less pressure and/or muscle specific techniques.

Direct Billing 

We can direct bill for major benefit companies such as: Manulife, Sunlife, Canada Life, Greenshield,  RWAM, etc.

Ask and see if we can direct bill your insurance company.

Unfortunately, we cannot process MVA and WSIB claims at this time.

Pressure point massage 2

Common Conditions Treated

-Arthritis and tendinitis
-Headaches and migraines
-Minor muscle spasms
-Sprains and strains
-Sport, work, and motor vehicle injuries
-Repetitive strain injury
-Back and neck pain
-Upper and lower extremity complaints
-Pregnancy discomfort
-Stress relief
-Wellness and prevention

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